In the times of Moshiach, we can now harness AI technology to deepen Torah study. RavGPT, powered by NLP technologies and the Sefaria knowledge base, is designed to make Torah learning more accessible. With expertise in Torah, Talmud, Halacha, and traditional Jewish texts, RavGPT offers insights on Jewish law and customs, continually refined through expert collaboration.


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Unlocking Jewish Wisdom with Advanced Technology: RavGPT Chat & Researcher

Access to Comprehensive Resources

RavGPT's applications provide vast access to Jewish wisdom by connecting users to authentic sources such as the Torah, Talmud, Shulhan Arukh, and traditional Jewish texts through the Sefaria database and internet search. Whether seeking quick answers or in-depth research reports, users can explore Jewish texts with ease and accuracy.

Personalized Learning Experience

Whether engaging in quick Q&A with the RavGPT Chat App or delving into profound research with the RavGPT Researcher, users are provided with tailored learning experiences that cater to their unique interests and levels of understanding. From beginners to scholars, these tools adapt to offer relevant insights.

User-Centric Features for Enhanced Usability

The RavGPT Chat App offers an intuitive interface for immediate answers, while the RavGPT Researcher provides advanced features like web scraping, task notifications, and text analysis for scholarly inquiries. These user-centric features enable seamless engagement, making Jewish learning accessible and engaging for all.

Our products

RavGPT Chat

Your gateway to Jewish learning. Explore Torah, Talmud, and more through conversational insights. Whether a beginner or a scholar, RavGPT offers personalized answers to your questions. Sign up today and deepen your connection with Judaism.

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RavGPT Research

RavGPT Research transcends traditional study methods by integrating advanced research capabilities and seamless user interaction. With the power to search and scrape the web, analyze texts, and create complex research reports, RavGPT Research brings a deeper understanding of Jewish sources to scholars, students, and curious minds alike.

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Join us in making history with RavGPT, an AI rabbi that interprets religious texts and interacts with seekers of spiritual guidance. Our team of developers, data scientists and rabbis need your help. With your support, we can expand RavGPT's capabilities, and revolutionize religious learning. Your contribution will democratize access to religious interpretation, offering an accessible, interactive platform for all learners.